Stilwerk Website

Stilwerk Website

Stilwerk is an innovative space, where famous brands of interior and product design evolve.

Computer Rock, a service design & software agency, offered me a 5 months internship between September 2016 and February 2017, in Hamburg. The office was part of stilwerk’s building, and stilwerk was one of our clients. This project was the most important one of my internship. Please, visit it online here.


stilwerk needed a redesign of its initial website. Our goal was to make all the stores content visible to anyone; that means to show the different locations (Berlin, Düsseldorf & Hamburg), each one composed of many stores, selling diverse brands. Every brand and store needed its own presentation page, and all the useful information concerned. We created a flexible and dynamic structure, evolving with this varying content.

My role, as an interaction design intern

Given only one sketched page (the home page), I had to imagine the following pages: the location page, the brand identity page, the store’s presentation page, plus all the pages linked. I had to draw the hierarchy, to highlight an intuitive navigation path for the users.

Most of Stilwerk’s brands are about furniture, and interior design; the website had to highlight these domains. My role was also about visual design and aesthetics. I worked on the definition of style guides, to define a minimalist and sophisticated identity. I also suggested several animations such as parallax scrolling effects, and information animation.

A responsive website

The website had to be available in any situation, that is why I had to create a responsive structure. Users need a direct way to the useful information, even from a smartphone or tablet. I had to make sure the content was clearly readable on any device.

Personal conclusion

My internship at Computer Rock Hamburg office was a rewarding experience. It allowed me to enter a new working environment, to challenge myself working in another language, and in this way to discover the professional world internationally.

Thanks a lot Computer Rock team, for sharing your challenges and cappuccinos with me!
Visitors, thank you for your interest in my work. Do not hesitate to express your thoughts regarding this project.

Adobe Photoshop . Sketch
Interaction Design, UI design
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