What will I prepare for tonight's party ?

I only have cachaça, what can I do with that ? I want some Gin Tonic, where can I find the right recipe ?
Everyone has asked these questions at least once. Cheerz is the answer!

Cheerz is an app prototype, which helps the user become a perfect bartender. The concept is based on the cocktail process, expressed step by step. Learn through the app how to create any type of cocktails : Piña Colada, Caïpirinha, Gin & Tonic … You only have to follow the instructions appearing on the screen to get the perfect drink: Choose the alcohol, it will lead you to the recommended recipes. Ask for a cocktail, and the app will propose you the recommended alcohol to create it. As simple as CHEERZ!


The Cheerz fictional project uses two devices: the mobile app is pretty useful when the user is not home. For example when the user is buying groceries, and is getting lost in the alcohol section, the Cheerz app can help him/her choose the alcohol needed for his/her cocktails.

The Cheerz app guides the user also during the preparation of the cocktails. The kitchen interface, which is a tablet built-in the worktop, demonstrates the recipe chosen. The interface evolves with the gesture of the user, no touch needed, permitting him/her to uses his/her hands without touching any screen.


Discover Cheerz concept in this concrete demonstration video:


This project was a team work, with Anne-Sophie Charroin, Guillaume Crespin, & Anne Lefèvre, created to enter the ADAA competition, in June 2017. My role was to design the interfaces (mobile and tablet), to prepare the camera settings before filming as well as appearing in the video.

Thank you for your interest in my work. Do not hesitate to express your thoughts regarding this project.

Adobe Illustrator . Adobe Photoshop . Adobe After Effects . Adobe Premiere Pro
Interaction Design, UI design
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