Le Nid à Tendances

Le Nid à Tendances

A local shop

Le Nid à Tendances, translated as « trends’ nest», is a shop selling accessories, jewellery and home decoration. Its inspirations come from travels around the world, and cultural ornaments. The shop is located in Nantes, France, and available online.

A particular context

I was living in Hamburg when Anne, the owner of the shop, called me. We exchanged a lot on the phone and by emails. For one month, I worked on my own on different versions of this new logos, before to coming to Nantes and presenting her the results.

A new identity

Anne wanted the logo to be redesigned. Her demand was to keep the symbol of the feather, but express it in a more contemporary way, using a new graphical style and new colours. Here is what we came up with:

Thank you for your interest in my work.
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Adobe Illustrator . Adobe Photoshop
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